Interrupted Dialogue

Fonte: Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol 4 No 3 S1 December 2015

Pubblicato il 02/03/2016

…. Not so long ago, when we were asked about our identity we were able to give quite decisive answer. We could easily name our sex, age, nationality, education. When we were asked about our convictions we also did not have any problems to choose a system of values which was important for us, to choose some ideological options. Today this “hard” “constant” identity has been replaced by perceiving the world in the categories of “liquidity” and changeability. As Tonino Cantelmi says the weakness of today co-existence is visible in extremely fragile emotional ties. They are highly unsustainable and conflictive. Liquid identity means also liquid, unstable and fragile interpersonal relation [Cantelmi 2013, p. 210].

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